Clay Sinclair

Clay Sinclair
Clay Sinclair

Clay Sinclair is an Oxford based artist
who is originally from New Zealand.

Clay has forged a successful career painting ‘backwards’
on to his unique medium of perspex/ plexiglass.
He regularly uses text and loves to provoke
with each piece he creates.
The end results are luminous,
stimulating and are often laced
with a little humour.

His inspiration primarily comes from observing
the way we are and how we relate to each other and our environment. Issues of ego,
relationship and society are themes that
regularly appear and influence his work.

He regularly exhibits in some of London’s most prominent galleries, where his work has gained a reputation for its boldness, irreverence and originality.

Clay’s paintings are in private and corporate collections throughout the world.

Beautiful People


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Alison Lilley Berrett

A New Day Pastels on Paper
Alison Lilley Berrett

Working mainly with oil paints, pastels and charcoal, Eynsham based Berrett also uses photographs and drawings as preparatory tools for working on site. Her inspiration comes essentially from nature and is the result of a passion for colours, shapes, and patterns, found in the natural world.

Her practice has been characterised by studies of landscapes; “I am captivated by the drama and magnificence of places like Dartmoor and the coast. The sea in its many moods has had a profound effect upon my work” and Berrett has been known to place herself in the most extreme weather conditions in order to capture the power of the wind and rain.


Tim Steward

Tim Steward  Rad Cam 15
Tim Steward
Rad Cam 15


Tim Steward lives and works in Oxford and studied classical drawing techniques at Lavender Hill Studios in London.

His style of working started its development some ten years ago on the streets of Oxford, initially undertaking hundreds of exploratory drawings of the Radcliffe Camera. Working plein-air and at speed, he worked through a gradual process of observing, understanding, familiarising and then abstraction of the subject. He later undertook sixty drawings of iconic Oxford buildings, which now reside in the Old Parsonage Hotel in Oxford.

His subject matter mainly rests on classical themes, and includes drawings of iconic architecture, angels and classical musicians. The angels are drawn largely from memorial sculptures in France and Italy.

Tim has exhibited in a number of churches, including several exhibitions in St Aldates Church in Oxford. He now exhibits his architectural drawings at Whitewall Galleries in London, through DeMontfort Fine Art.



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