I have been here at Ark T since January in the exciting role of Director.
The vision for Ark T is a powerful one. We want to use Creativity as a vehicle for personal development and social change. We believe that emotional resilience, empathy and kindness can change the world and we know participating in community and creativity are powerful tools for lasting impact.

I am determined that Ark T can work to directly reduce issues facing this area such as Domestic Violence and Abuse, mental health, poverty and low aspirations – I want our charity to thrive but we do need help to stabilise our core team in terms of securing key staff roles and ideally increasing hours. We want to make the difference we know we are capable of making; we want to change lives; we want to respond with heart felt imagination to the need around us.

Ark T is a small but vital life force in Cowley, I am wholly dedicated to the team and the community and want to see the centre grow into a sustainable hub for creativity and positive change, built on its unique reputation and incredible history.

Ark T Team running the Oxford Half Marathon

We have an ambitious challenge this month as we support an Ark T team of Trustees, staff and volunteers to run the Oxford Half Marathon on 9th October with a target of £7000. This forms our major fundraising push this year – anything you can do to support us would be so very much appreciated.

Your financial support is a GIFT because it will help us achieve that sustainability for the future…THANK YOU
Emmy O’Shaughnessy

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