Tuesdays 11.30am-12.15pm

Contact Emily at emformusic@outlook.com

Humpty Dumpty Music Club is a lively and interactive music session where together you and your little ones enjoy traditional rhymes and chants, clapping games, lap games, actions and funny nonsense, along with gentle lullabies, old fashioned ditties and modern children’s songs all made for singing out loud together with your child.

         You don’t have to sing as it’s all about exposure to music at this early age so listening and watching works too. Join-in in whatever way suits you and your child. I keep things moving along by focusing on the songs and actions. Sometimes I play recorder, percussion and ukelele. Along with movement and dancing, there will be simple instruments and props to help us play with the tunes, the rhythms, the counting and the joy of language that nursery songs old and new contain.

       I love working with young children because they are wired for music from birth. Musical play is essential for all children and nursery songs are at the root of early learning for babies and toddlers who involve themselves in surprising ways in the speech, song and movement in the session.

       This group will run in term-time. There is no need to book. Drop-in with your children. Humpty Dumpty Music Club is fun, friendly and welcoming.