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Youth Handy Voices is a new signing choir set up in collaboration with the Ark T Centre under the My Normal music project. Youth Handy Voices Signing Choir works also in partnership with the established adult Handy Voices Signing Choir. Both are “choirs with the difference” in that we do not sing our songs but perform them in British Sign Language and express the music in a visual way. This helps improve music accessibility to those who hear and express themselves differently.  We are the only signing choirs in Oxfordshire and one of our goals is to promote inclusivity and equality to all.

Our teams are an inclusive mix of Deaf, Disabled, not Disabled, LGBTQ+ and Hearing members which bring the joy of music to both hearing and deaf by adding the beauty of British Sign Language (BSL) to express the music and its meaning in a visual way. BSL is the officially recognised language of the Deaf community in the UK.

Youth Handy Voices is open to all youth aged 12 years old to 25 years old.

We meet on Mondays (term time only) at 5:15pm in the Oxford Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre in the centre of Oxford.

All are welcome! Sessions are free!  No signing experience is needed.

For more information contact Christine or Hannah.

Christine DeBlase at or Hannah 07388 541017