Oct Self-Care Retreat Day for teenagers

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‘This October we warmed ourselves up with a wonderful Self-Care Retreat day at The Venue in Cowley.

Laura from Resonateyoga lead us through a yoga and meditation workshop which came with lots of giggles.

We thought about our wheels of life and about the small things we can do to improve aspects of our life. Then we decorated a window facing Barns Road with motivational quotes and kind words for the community of Cowley to see and share.

We finished off out day by taking a sensory walk to Florence Park, where we played games and remembered how important it is to get outside, move and be silly.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the young people who came to the retreat this half-term and to all the staff who supported it.


‘She really enjoyed the whole day – it was quite hard to persuade her to join it so I was really glad that she went, I knew she’d like it. She mentioned enjoying the yoga and baking and the talking sessions – all of it really!’ – Parent

‘I enjoyed that young people were given a different environment to what they would usually find themselves in and that it was a healthy safe place for them to meet other young people and do an exercise that promotes their wellbeing and opens their minds to different ways of expressing themselves’ – Professional facilitator 



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