We offer a wide range of drama and acting classes for adults in Oxford. Our approach is all about nurturing your abilities as an individual. Whether you want to build confidence, have fun learning a new skill, or develop your talents as an amateur actor, we’ve got the class for you. Our teachers are professionals working within the theatre and film industry. We know how scary the thought of performing in front of others can be, so we’re here to help you take that first step.

TO BOOK A PLACE ON OUR COURSES OR WORKSHOPS CALL 0747 3962662 OR Email oxondrama@gmail.com FOR MORE DETAILS VISIT: www.oxondrama.co.uk


About the Instructor:
Rachel Mae Brady is a professional actress and director with over 7 years teaching experience. She has taught for the prestigious Irish Academy of Dramatic Arts, and Oxbridge Academic Programs. As well as working with beginners and improvers, Rachel Mae coaches professional actors, helping them stay on top of their game. As an actor, she understands how nerve-wracking performing in front of others can be, and aims to create a safe environment where students can develop their skills.



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