• Mandala Theatre Company
The Centre is host to a variety of workshops and classes for all ages from Mandala Theatre Company, Little Music School, Singing@ Ark T, Hatha Yoga, OXON Drama, Yoga to Bed, Qigong, First Class Learning, Rehearsal space through to Knit and Stitch in the cafe.
Our dance classes include OYD (Oxford Youth Dance), Slipstream Youth Dance, DugOut Adult Dance, Faye Parker School of Ballet as well as Rehearsal Space, see below for links.

OYD (Oxford Youth Dance)

Slipstream Youth Dance

DugOut Adult Dance

Faye Parker School of Ballet

Mandala Theatre Company

Sounding Circle 

Yoga with Nadia Saadi

Flo In Qigong

Yoga to Bed

Singing @ Ark T

OXON Drama

Little Music School

First Class Learning

Rehearsal Space

Knit & Stitch

Room hire at Ark-T