The Roar Art Collective Project. Now in its second year, Roar Art Collective is empowering young people with disabilities to develop artistic talent and to learn professional skills which can lead to future employment. Disabled young people participate in a bespoke training programme that teaches the fundamentals of art and design. Weekly half-day workshops facilitated by professional artists, are currently catering for a group of around 10 Roar Participants and we hope to reach around 40 young disabled adults by the end of 2019. In addition to the workshops, a designer is turning the artwork of Roar Art Collective into saleable merchandise, so Roar Participants can gain employment experience through the sale of their work at markets, in shops and online.

Designs & Merchandise from Roar Art Collective

The Awesome Tiger, Awkward Owl & Flappy Birthday designs have been made into wrapping paper, greetings cards and notebooks. 



To find out more information on the dates of the art workshops and how to sign up please contact: Pip Hoyer Millar 

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