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Creating Space for the arts

The Ark T Centre is the initiative of a church and a group of people committed to creating space for the Arts. Opened in October 1997, it believes that the Arts and creativity are important vehicles for people to discover new things about themselves and each other and so unlock their potential to create change. The Centre is situated in the premises of John Bunyan Baptist Church, Cowley, Oxford where it seeks to work creatively with people of different age, gender, culture and tradition.


The Ark T Centre is home to a whole range of ventures; art exhibitions, creative workshops, dance and music. There’s a recording studio for young musicians, rehearsal space for theatre and dance, a performance and concert area and studios for a group of resident artists. Around 900 people come into the Centre each week, some sharing in projects that are open to the public and others in programmes that are run for specific groups.

Cafe 2



The Broom Tree Café, at the heart of the Centre, provides space for people to meet each other and enjoy delicious home cooked food, or a cup of the best coffee in Cowley.




If you are interested in hiring a space at the centre for workshops or classes in dance, drama, music, art, seminars or training, not private hire, please contact Hazel Wilson on 01865 396778 or
email mail@ark-t.org