From parent "You put her at ease straight away and she clearly felt comfortable being with you, and being part of Community In-Reach at Ark-T right from the first session. Even when she was struggling to get out anywhere else, and had very limited energy, she prioritised being able to manage her time with you and loved having somewhere she could access independently and a reason to get dressed up. This meant everything. Having something that was just 'hers', having a reason to leave the house, finding the confidence to arrive on her own, and having the opportunity to build a relationship with yourself and be creative were all hugely important and gave her much pleasure and a purpose during a really tricky time."

"The main change was that she had obviously found a place which she was able to access when most other places, such as school and the ice rink, were too difficult. She was struggling with huge anxiety when she started at Ark-T and I felt her confidence and self-esteem grew during her time with you. I loved that she would look forward to her sessions and plan her outfits, that she thought about the art she wanted to create, and that she was able to manage some time away from the family; giving her something of her own that she could share with us if she chose to. She also seemed to really enjoy being able to share her 'success' with you if she had managed to achieve something she found difficult during her week, and I think this gave her more motivation to push herself."

"Thank you for putting so much into building a relationship with her; your positive regard has had a big impact on how she feels about herself. I also really appreciated you taking the time to come to the TAF meeting at school. It's so difficult to watch someone you love struggle, and makes you question everything - your feedback that she has a strong base meant a huge amount to me - thank you."