About the project:

'Music for Everyone', provides free inclusive music sessions for 13-25 year olds and actively looks to remove barriers to music for Disabled, Deaf, Hard of Hearing and LGBTIQA+ young people. 

Our music team has had training in working with LGBTIQA+ and Disabled young people and as a team, we believe in the social model of disability, which simply put, means that people are disabled by an inaccessible world. We hope to make this project as accessible as possible and are constantly learning and growing as a team.  


What do we do?:

We are currently running a combination of online groups and 121 Music sessions for young people ages 13-25.

To get in contact about sessions and what we offer, you can email Hannah on [email protected]

What we can offer organisations:

We offer free outreach sessions to organisations and can also offer informal training sessions on how to run music sessions in your settings.

We are also keen to share best practices and our learning with organisations about working with LGBTIQA+ and Disabled young people in the music and youth sector.

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Our group sessions: 

Music Masterclass Videos: 

Bi-monthly masterclass music sessions on Ark-T’s social media and website co-produced with Young Leaders from the project. Sign up to our newsletter to get notifications when videos are released.

Song Swap: A Listening Party for Young People -  Sessions run in school holidays and half terms. Mondays 4:30-5:30pm.

Song Swap is a relaxed session where we share, listen and discuss songs with each other and create a playlist that we share online! Check out the playlist on Empathy here: Spotify Song Swap Playlist

BSL SignSong with [email protected]: Sets of 6 sessions, weekly on Mondays 6pm-7pm in Term Time

Our BSL SignSong group, led by [email protected], uses British Sign Language to perform songs, conveying the meaning of the lyrics with BSL. No experience or BSL knowledge necessary.

Session has a BSL Interpreter and auto-generated captions.

My Normal Voice: Ages 18-25+ - running every other week on Mondays 4:30pm-5:30pm in Term Time

My Normal Voice is our leadership group. This group works on access and inclusion to music and is currently working on a Zine resource for the local music scene, organisations and venues to raise awareness and share best practices in the aim to make the Oxford music community more accessible to all.

This group has co-curated elements of Supernormal Festival 2019, a stage at a Pitt Rivers Late Night Event and the Festival of Teenagehood

Our 1-2-1 Music offer: Run at various times, depending on availability.

We run 121 online Music sessions for young people, these sessions are bespoke and based around what the young person wants to achieve. Here are some of the things that we can do:

  • Guitar and piano tuition
  • Recording and Production
  • Making beats
  • Songwriting
  • Performance skills
  • Music making for fun
  • Exploring music making
  • Music mentoring
  • Band rehearsals and recording!
  • And more!

We currently have a waiting list for 121 music sessions, please get in touch for more information and to be put on our waiting list. 

We offer up to 12 free hours of sessions per participant and more if the young person is completing an Arts Award (see below)

Arts Awards 121s: Run at various times, depending on availability.

Interested in gaining a recognised qualification? Arts Awards are, like our 121 music sessions, tailored to you and your interests. Arts Awards help you explore the arts and develop your arts or music practice. At higher levels, they are also about gaining leadership skills.

We can put young people ages 13-25 through any level of Arts Award on the Music project.


Our sessions are designed to be inclusive and are for all young people ages 13-25. If you have any questions or access requirements, please do let us know.

How to get involved/ in touch:

All enquiries: [email protected] or text or call Hannah (Youth Music Project Manager) on 07388 541017

Core Music Team:

Hannah - Pronouns: They/Them/Any - Youth Music Project Manager
Groups: Co-lead for My Normal Voice

Hannah is the Youth Music Project Manager at Ark-T, and works full time on the Music for Everyone project. Hannah was a part of the Ark-T music project when they were 15 and has been working at Ark-T on the music project on and off for 9 years! Hannah started up My Normal in 2015, a creative arts initiative for LGBTIQA+ young people, which also runs all ages events for the LGBTIQA+ community in Oxford. Hannah is neurodiverse and a part of the LGBTIQA+ community and is dedicated to inclusion for all to music and beyond. Hannah is a musician and gigs in a local Oxford Band.

Kate - Pronouns: She/Her - Music Practitioner 
121s: Music and Arts Awards
Groups: Assistant on BSL SignSong

Kate is a Music Practitioner on the Music for Everyone project, she does 1-2-1s and helps on some of our group sessions. Kate is a multi-instrumentalist and works as a community musician in Oxfordshire. She plays the saxophone, clarinet, piano, ukulele and also loves to sing. She is passionate about interactive and inclusive music making, and works in a number of community and healthcare settings.

Kingsley - Pronouns: He/Him - Music Practitioner 
121s: Music and Arts Awards
Groups: Lead support on BSL SignSong.
Misc: Music Masterclass and Outreach

Kingsley is a Music Practitioner on the Music for Everyone project, he does outreach sessions, 1-2-1s and groups. Kingsley is a music producer and a youth worker from Oxford, he loves to make instrumentals and produce music with other musicians and artists. He runs a small recording studio and is part of a music collective called Inner Peace Records.

Mike - Pronouns: He/Him - Music Practitioner 
121s: Music and Arts Awards
Groups: Lead for Song Swap and Co-Lead of My Normal Voice

Mike is a Music Practitioner on the Music for Everyone project, he runs 1-2-1s and groups. Mike studied music at university and plays guitar, piano, ukulele and is a songwriter. He is in a Band in Oxford. He also works on the ROARsomes at Ark-T. 

Performances from the Music for Everyone project: from Festival of Teenagehood 2021, Including Aphra Taylor and our BSL SignSong group: 


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The Music for Everyone Project is Funded by Youth Music, with thanks to Councillor John Sanders through the Councillor Priority Fund and University of Oxford Community Grant for match funding.