Ark T Projects

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Ark T Projects for Young People

Creativity Changes Lives Project

Music Project


CAMHS Partnership

We have some great art clubs happening for young people at Ark T. With Support from Children in Need, Oxford City Council, Thomas Dawson and the High Sheriff’s Community Integration Award we provide a safe and nurturing space for young people who are experiencing challenge and would benefit from being part of a small creative group.

Using creative activities and play our aims are to:
• Improve emotional resilience: We support children to reflect on their strengths and recognise ‘failure’ and mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.

• Develop relationship skills: We support children to develop healthy boundaries, positive communication skills using activities to build a sense of trust and belonging.

• Increase well-being: We encourage a calm atmosphere, opportunities for free play and relaxation exercises to support the happiness and well-being of the children.

• Gain knowledge and skills in Art and Design: We help children and young people to grow their understanding of materials, skills and techniques to widen their creative vocabulary and experience. Ultimately we believe this strengthens children’s imagination and creative expression, building emotional resilience and the capacity for self-reflection.