Tuesday 4.30-6.30pm

If you are interested in joining the Roarsomes, an inclusive group for young & disabled creatives, activists and leaders aged 12-25, or would like further info please contact  Lauren lauren@ark-t.org 

We know that co-production is essential to building any project successfully. As a festival that highlights and celebrates diversity and disability in the arts, we work closely with our expert committee of young disabled people, who direct and shape how the project and festival happen.

The Roarsomes meet regularly to research who is invited to perform in the festival, how the event should run and what should happen to make this as inclusive as possible for people who attend. The Roarsomes provide the crucial perspective of young disabled people who have been involved in arts and are able to share both positive experiences as well as negative ones. They provide us with an understanding of what impact inclusive arts can have and why. We thank them for their endless inspiration, knowledge and hard work to make this festival possible.