Communities need space

Ark-T Centre and The Venue are unique cultural and creative spaces in OX4, situated at the heart of the community in Cowley

They are spaces for everyone


For connection

For joy

For healing

For creativity

For support

For belonging

For confidence

For advice

For playing

For family

For making

For talking

For being yourself

For eating and sharing

Without them there would be no other place like it for the arts, culture, community and celebration in OX4 all under one roof.

Why we need this support….

Prior to covid hitting, we were financially stable. We had good reserves in the bank and venue hire made us less dependent on grants and trusts. Core staffing needs were covered.

Then the pandemic hit and overnight our main source of unrestricted income was eradicated.

We have worked tirelessly over the past 2 years delivering frontline response work in mental health services for young people and their families, and creating space for emergency food provision alongside OX4 Food Crew, but right now, Ark-T needs your support to ensure we are financially strong and meeting the needs of our community long term.

Our business model is sound. Your support will give us some security, to buy us some time to stabilise our Ark, and to help us strengthen our foundations for the future. We will then have a strong platform to do what we do well - creating a space and opportunities to bring people together - which is more important than ever. 

In recognition of what our buildings mean to our communities, we have launched our Community Hub Programme with Hub Days, a monthly programme of activity for every age group and every individual in our community. We have programmed a schedule which includes a stay and play, dementia support cafe, finance and debt advice, over 50s social group, art class, autism advice service, lunchtime talks, and a hot, healthy meal. There is something here for everyone.

Help to make sure these spaces stay at the heart of our community for everyone to enjoy and find strength in.