The aim of this project is for the Roarsomes is to produce a creative response to the experience of Lockdown.

We have looked at a variety of different inspirations, including looking at the art of New Zealand artist, Danny Miller who creates using repeat words.

So far we have shared our experiences and found that Lockdown has not been entirely negative. We have gathered our own words and experimented with wordplay, repetition, rhyming, and spontaneous poetry.

We looked at how we could present our work and thought that creating paper chains would be powerful visually as well as representing the challenge of portraying the negative (chained up) and the positive (joined or linked together).

We have also been looking at the treatment of people with disabilities since this pandemic began and looking at how we can raise awareness of some of the issues that have been identified by “We Belong” report from Disability Rights U.K.

We are still experimenting with different ideas, whilst working within the creative constraints of Lockdown. Individually some members of the group are creating power points, mood boards and their own writing in response.