A parent shares that their two children "have been attending the Creativity Camps for some while now. When they first started, they were hesitant about attending although they knew a friend (or two) would be attending. Over the course of the camps, I have noticed that [my younger child] has become so much more independent in her play at home (that shows me inner contentment; prior to that she needed instructions etc)."

"[My older child] is approaching her tween years and although I try to provide lots of ‘artsy’ stuff at home, it hasn’t worked like the Creativity camps! With the most recent session in mind, she came back feeling empowered with the alternative choices she was given. Much to her delight, she had made a new friend. Friendships at this age are so important and at school, friendships have been particularly difficult which has left her feeling as though she might not be a good person/friend. I have noticed over the course of the camps, the girls return home relaxed and a ‘rainbow unicorn’ type of happiness encapsulates them."