One parent, who has children in two different groups, one at Herspace Snr writes “Ark-T has given them both a space to socialise, with just enough structure and supervision that they feel comfortable and safe. For my daughter, who’s so isolated, as she hasn’t been able to manage school for some time, having somewhere that she actually wants to be, and something regular to look forward to is beyond amazing. Having  the chance to come home and talk about who she’s talked to and what she’s been doing, feels like such a valuable bit of ‘normal’ in her life.” 

"It has changed what was a very isolated life, hugely restricted by low mood and overwhelming anxiety. It provides a safe, accepting space with the opportunity to be creative, try out social skills, and to belong. Something that's just hers that she can share with the family, whilst the improved confidence and self worth have an impact on every aspect of her life. Your skill at making my daughter feel at ease, accepted and valued for who she is has given her a sense of belonging that was missing before. She gets a lot of pleasure from being a part of the creative projects and from the social interactions but, more than that, her improved confidence and self-belief are impacting on everything she's now starting to feel able to go out and try."