“I signed up to MWA after I was advised to by a teacher. The support worked well for me because it was personalised to me, you get to do what you think will most benefit you. Sessions are worked around you. It was nice to sometimes just have a chat. The best part about the sessions is that they are a nice environment to talk to, can trust them, and allows you to feel ready to face the upcoming week. A good time to talk when you don't want to talk to anyone else. Having little tasks to complete in the week is good. Can't think of anything that could make it better. The most important positive outcome was realising that having time for yourself is important and I need to be kind to myself. It also allowed me to deal with issues better and how to cope.  I now have a better view of the future I would say to someone that was thinking about signing up for the sessions go for it, there will always be something you can get out of it and it will make you feel better talking about stuff. Alice is really friendly and nice to sometimes just have a chat. It's really helped me figure lots out about myself. Look forward to sessions each week as feel ready to conquer the week afterwards.” – MWA participant