"It has been wonderful that she has found a group that she can access at Herspace Junior. All of her friends participate in a wide range of activities and we have just never found anything that really worked for her, because her needs are so specific. She previously attended an Art course, which was perfect, in theory, however the facilitator didn’t understand her needs and she found it too stressful."

"Coming to Herspace Junior has been amazing for her. Even when she was right in the middle of 5 months of school refusal last year, she never once wanted to skip her Monday after school session. She has enjoyed her friendships with older girls, when she started, and now younger girls, as she has grown older. It was wonderful to see her chatting away so freely with a young girl, at the recent celebration event at the Ark T, somebody who I didn’t know at all but who she had obviously grown close to in her session. The fact that she can do art, in a setting that prioritises her emotional well being, is huge. It has given her an after school club, something to belong to, when literally nothing else has ever worked for her. I am so grateful that we have found you!" Parent